The EMPIRE Spiegeltent


Upon entering a Spiegeltent, you leave behind the humdrum of modern reality and enter a world with over 100 years of history, harking back to an era where decadence reigned supreme.

German for ‘mirror tent’, these unique travelling tents were originally built in the Flemish Region of Belgium during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Hand-crafted entirely of wood and canvas, they were transported around the country, assembled for town fairs and used as dance halls in places that didn’t have their own permanent halls. During the 1920s, Spiegeltents saw the likes of famed actress/singer Marlene Dietrich perform to adoring fans.

The Spiegelworld tent

Discovered in a Belgian barn and restored to its original charm with additional stage fit outs, lighting and sound systems worthy of contemporary audiences, the antique Spiegelworld tent is one of only seven surviving original Spiegeltents.

It’s hard to believe just from looking at it, but the tent locks together without a single screw or nail. Instead, this amazing feat of engineering is made up of 3000 detachable parts that fit together. It takes a crew of five three days to assemble, like the world’s most complicated giant 3D jigsaw puzzle.

The Spiegeltent seating

There are three seating options in the 700-seat Spiegeltent, each offering a different experience. Those looking for intimacy with the performers will love the unique ‘in the round’ seating that comes right to the edge of the stage, while those looking for intimacy with one another will love the exclusive cocktail tables perfect for a romantic evening for two. The remainder of punters will be seated in groups of 10 at one of the 18 original plush booths around the perimeter of the tent.

No matter where you sit, the EMPIRE Spiegeltent guarantees an authentic experience that you won’t soon forget.

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